Where I have been, what I have done, and why I did it

9/25/14 A Maternity Shoot

I was asked earlier in the year if I would take some maternity pictures.  I enjoy shooting portraits so I agreed to a shoot.  Below is the planning from start to finish.

The planning period- Where?  I was reviewing locations when Brittany (my subject) sent me a maternity picture she liked.  The concept of the picture was using a big window for rim light.  This narrowed down where we would shoot.  She had access to the vacant farm house in which her mother grew up.  I had been there several times, and I knew it had large enough windows for the shot.

The planning period- What’s the composition going to be?  For lighting, the setup was going to be simple.  I knew I wanted to use a window for rim light.  I also knew I wanted to provide a soft light to the front of her.  For the front light, I planned on using my 28 inch softbox.  The unknown at the time was how to handle the background.  I planned for two scenarios.  Scenario one would be to blur out the background with an open aperture (around f2.0) and extra light through the rim window.  Scenario two would be to retain some of the background detail with a smaller aperture (f8) and no added light to the rim window.

Time had come for the shoot.  We arrived at the farm house and I spent a few minutes walking through it to find the best location.  I found the window I wanted to use.  It was a window in the front room that looked out to the street that went back to town.  For some reason it hit me that this is a window her mom has probably looked out of a million times growing up.

It was time to setup and I quickly noticed I did not have enough room to place my softbox in front of Brittany.  Luckily there was a window in front of her so I placed it outside.  Below is a diagram of the setup. (EDIT – I accidentally left off the lens info in the diagram.  Canon 85mm 1.8)


Below is a picture from this session.


I was pleased with the outcome.


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