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2/19/12 Lighting Setup And Your Model

In this post I want to go over some things I look for when I’m setting up a shot.  First thing I always look at is how the model’s hair falls across his/her forehead.  This will typically tell me where I want to place my main light.  In this example I noticed my model’s hair fell over the left side of her face.  So where ever I moved her, I wanted to place my main light on her right side.

With the placement of where my main light will go, I then look at my setting to see how I can incorporate separation by either using a strobe or ambient for back light.  In this example, I noticed the sun was at an angle that was providing a nice warm glow.  I also noticed that there was a dark background with the trees.  I knew that I wanted this to be the backdrop with the sun coming in from the side to provide a subtle hair/back light.

Below is a diagram of the setup-

Below are a few shots from this setup-

On a side note, this particular setup sort of contradicts lighting in that many people would have reversed her stance so the main light would have been on the right side with the sun on the left.  But I liked this angle because it seemed to give more of a dramatic look with the sun.


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