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10/4/11 – Behind The Scenes – Off Camera Flash

About a month ago I did a shoot for my niece.  She wanted some pictures with a car that has been in our family for many years.   On a Saturday I dove a few hours south to go visit them and to find a location to complete this shot.

Luckily there was a road nearby that did not have much traffic on it so we got things ready and set up.  I used a vivitar 285 ½ power camera right thru an umbrella and a LumoPRO 160 ½ power camera left and behind.

I was having trouble getting focus on my niece’s face so I had my brother point my handy flashlight on her.  You can see this in the raw picture below.

And in this raw picture below you see where I had my camera left flash setup.

And now some different pics from this lighting setup that have been post processed-