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9/27/11 A Band Shoot

A few months back I received a call asking if I would do a band promo shot.  I had not heard their music yet so I was kind of in the dark as to which theme I would try to achieve.  So after the call I started researching techniques/ideas for band promo shots.  I came across some neat photos that had different looks that I knew I could handle.  This gave me enough ideas so when I arrived and saw the band I would know how I would capture the mood.

I did not know how much time I would have to get the shots.  So I had planned on just shooting around their studio.  However just to be safe I pulled up google maps street view of the town I would be shooting in to find some areas that would make good backdrops.  (I’m glad I did this as it comes in handy!)

I arrived at their studio the afternoon of the shoot a little early to look around.  Immediately I saw a lack of space.  Luckily the band was running late from getting ready and I had some more time to go check on the other locations I had scouted out on google maps.  These spots were only about 3 miles away and were much better.

The band arrived at the studio and I convinced them that this other location was much better.  We loaded up and took shots at a few different spots.  Below is a diagram of the shot they are using-

And below is the shot straight from the camera-

And below is the shot after I processed it-

More pictures from this shoot can be found here. (By the way their band name is now Artifas… it was New Skin)