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6/26/11 First Impressions of the Apollo 28” Softbox

I first came across the Apollo softbox when I was watching an episode of the “Backpackers Studio” from Mikey and Andy of Lightenupandshoot.net.  I liked the fact that this modifier can control the light much better than an umbrella.

I received one a few weeks backs and I used it for several senior sessions. From these sessions I have gathered a few opinions from it so far.

First the negative (and there is only one) – the latch that keeps it open is not very sturdy and without the use of some pliers to ensure it catches, it will give away and close. Basically it has the shaft of a very cheap umbrella.

The positives  –  does not catch the wind near as bad as an umbrella and the recessed head really helps in the directional lighting.

Some other general observations – I typically have to power up one more stop on my flash than what I use with a shoot thru umbrella.  It is bigger than I had imagined and because I’m using a larger light stand for it(8 foot), I have to be more alert to check to be sure it or the stand are not in the shot.

Now for some shots using the Apollo 28” softbox-