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5/17/11 Light Is…Light

A few months back, one of the photographers (Bert Stephani) that I keep up with made a post on his blog that I found interesting.  The article goes into detail on a 70 Euro lighting studio setup.  What I found interesting about it, was the fact I did something back around last November that was similar. I was just starting to research off camera lighting and I wanted to start learning how to work with it.  My flashes had not arrived yet, but I did have some work lights and a shower curtain.

Since then, I have been focused on soaking up as much information on off camera lighting with flashes as possible- the inverse square law to lighting, separating the subject from the background, directional setups, etc.  I have had many sessions using 1 to 2 off camera flashes with umbrellas, grids, snoots, and reflectors and I felt like each time I went out I was improving.

When I read Bert’s blog, I had one of those moments that made me stop and think for a few minutes.  I had gotten so engrossed in the technical aspects of lighting, it all comes back to- light is … light.

I went out to my garage and cleared out some space and set up my shop lights behind a shower curtain.  Below is what the lighting setup looked like-(disregard everything else…I changed it before I did a couple of sessions)

Now for some of the pictures from this light setup-

For this one I used a single flash behind the curtain-