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4/28/11 Monitor and Adjust – Recent Sessions

No matter how much planning you do for a photo session, you have to be ready to make adjustments.  My wife likes to poke fun at my OCDness (yes… I made that a word) but that drive helps me to be ready to make changes on the fly.  I have a few examples that I want to cover in this post.

Example #1- Spring had arrived and warm weather with great sunsets was in abundance. As long as the weather stayed like this I had my next location selected for a photo session. The location was going to be a long bike path that cut through the forest.

The day arrived for the session and the weather was spot on during the day.  About an hour before the shoot though, the weather started to change.  I still wanted to try the location but I was ready to move to another one just in case.

I set up and began taking pictures and clouds rolled in killing my sunset.  The wind also picked up and it was starting to get a bit chilly for the outfit my subject was wearing.  We took a break.  I was contemplating moving to plan B, when my subject put on a red coat.  I looked at it and in the back of my mind I was thinking “Little Red Riding Hood”.  I didn’t say anything about that but I did say “Hey keep that on for some shots!”  I changed my lens to a long one to get compression in the background with the trees.  I told my subject that I’m going to be about 60 feet away and I wanted her to walk a certain way thru my lights.  She immediately said like “Little Red Riding Hood”?  I said yep and we laughed.  We did several takes and this one was the keeper.

Example #2- This session was going to take place inside a cabin where I was going to use a 2 flash setup.  We got to the location and I started setting up.  I quickly noticed that I had left one of my flashes out of it containers and back home.  Since this shoot was just for fun and last minute, I didn’t do a check list and just grabbed my gear bag.

Since it was an overcast day and the cabin was fairly dark, my options now were to (a) drive 30 minutes roundtrip to get my 2nd flash, (b) go with a tried and true single flash setup, (c) look for a spot that I could use the ambient light as my main light and my flash with a grid spot as a back/side light.

I went with choice (b) for a while till the overcast light started to brighten.  I then switched to a different location in the cabin where light was coming in from the window nicely and I went with option (c).  Below are a couple of pictures from this option-