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3/22/11 Scouting Locations

My daughter, who just turned 21 months loves to ride in vehicles.  For the past year, just about every weekend we go on a Saturday morning drive while we let Mommy get some much needed rest.  This has provided me a lot of time to scout roughly a 100 mile radius of Paducah Ky.

As I have had more opportunities to photograph people, I have been going back to some of the places that I have written down as neat locations.  Just recently I did a shoot with Nick Moore where I wanted to go to Cario Illinois.  I explored this area about a year ago and I was itching to go back.

Cario is an old river town that relied much on the Mississippi River for trade and reached a population of 20,000 in 1907.  As industries moved and the riverboat trade ceased, Cario became a ghost town.  As of 2010 the population was listed around 2,800. A majority of the buildings located on the river are now abandoned and provide a neat backdrop.

Here is a diagram of the lighting I used for one of the shots here-

Here is the shot-