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1/11/11 Adding Another Flash To The Mix

First things first… Happy New Year from Mesh Point Studio :).   And to kick off this New Year, I present my newest poster-

This shot was taken at one of my favorite locations.  This is an abandoned Lock and Dam station on the Ohio River.  It has tons of character and is also quite spooky on the inside… especially when the wind is howling thru the broken windows.

For this shoot, I added another flash to the mix for my lighting- a Vivitar 285HV.  I placed my wireless trigger on my Vivitar and placed my Lumopro 160 into slave mode since it has a built in sensor for this.  So basically when my camera fires, it triggers my Vivitar to fire which instantly triggers my Lumopro to fire.

For most of this shoot I used a reflective umbrella and a grid spot on my two flashes.  Below is an example of using the grid spot for the face and the reflective umbrella for the fill light in the background-

And now the opposite-

And finally an example of “Compression” in a shot… look behind the model through the back window and you see another building.  This building looks fairly close and decent sized right?  Actually it is at least 70 yards away from the back window.  But by using my telephoto lens at 250mm it “Compresses” the background.  On a side note, I’m about 40 yards away from the model.

Coming soon… four more shoots to post with some new techniques!


12/20/10 Testing Higher ISO, Ambient Light, And A Single Flash Through Umbrella

To date, I have not been a high iso shooter with my camera.  For one, I have mostly been doing landscape type shots and I prefer a clean iso 100 for these.  And two, high iso on the Canon t1i is pretty brutal with the noise.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone and take some shots at a location where the high iso noise could actually complement the composition.

In the opening picture, the sun had just gone down and there was minimal ambient light.  I wanted to capture some of the details in the back so you could see the tracks fading into an industrial backdrop.  I placed my LumoPro 160 camera right about 8 feet from the subject and about 7 feet off the ground pointing just above her head.  The flash is set to ¼ power and is shooting through an umbrella.  I set my camera to iso 1600, f5.6, and shutter 1/80.  The lens I used was a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime.

Below is another take from this location-

On a side funny note, I asked my test subject if she had ever seen a train come down these tracks – to which she responded “Maybe once or twice but very rarely”.  And about 5 minutes latter we started hearing something that sounded like a train.  And BOOM a train appears behind me coming around the bend.  Quickly I thought this would make a cool shot using the light of the train for a key light on my subject.  I jumped up, moved some stuff, got her in position and while I was framing I noticed some gear in the way.  We got the gear moved and reset just in time for the train to appear behind her.  As I started to get the shot I saw out of the corner of my eye my umbrella stand starting to fall over due to a gust of wind.  We went running for it but missed it.  I fell in the mud, the train went past and on the last cart was a guy wearing a Santa hat waving at us.  I missed all of that because I forgot to anchor my light stand.  After laughing for a good bit, I cleaned up, packed up and moved locations.